Air freight refers to the transportation of goods and cargo by air, using aircraft. It is a faster and more expensive mode of transportation than sea freight, but is often used for the movement of time-sensitive and high-value goods that cannot be transported by sea or land.

Air freight is typically used for the shipment of small, lightweight, and high-value items such as electronics, jewelry, and perishable goods, as well as for the transportation of urgent medical supplies and other critical cargo.

There are several types of aircraft used for air freight, including passenger aircraft, freighters, and cargo aircraft. Freighters are specifically designed for the transportation of cargo and are capable of carrying large amounts of goods and packages.

The cost of air freight is determined by several factors, including the weight and size of the shipment, the destination, and the type of aircraft used. Shipping companies typically provide air freight services and can offer a range of shipping options to meet the needs of different types of shipments.

Overall, air freight plays a crucial role in the global transportation network, providing a fast and reliable means of transporting goods and cargo around the world.