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Sea freight logistics and container shipping solutions

As an important aspect of the global transportation network, Land transport plays a critical role and our fleet of 100 trucks enables us to provide a fast, cost effective solution. Let our service experts take care of your cargo from departure to destination

Through partnerships with sea freight companies, we provide a range of shipping options to meet
the needs of different types of shipments.

Customized solutions for your specific ocean freight requirements are at the heart of our services

We understand the challenges facing Small Sea Freight Carriers are different than those that a larger Sea Freight Carrier company faces. With our unique focus through partnerships with freight companies we provide a range of shipping options to meet the needs of different types of shipments.

With a Flexible sea logistics solutions, combined Technology with expertise results to Us Delivering on our Promises to customers.

These solutions offer flexibility and personalized options to optimize the shipping process and address
unique logistical challenges.

Here are some examples of sea freight customized solutions: as per Universe

  1. Full Container Load (FCL): FCL services involve shipping goods in a dedicated container. This option is suitable for businesses that have a large volume of goods to transport or require enhanced security for their cargo. It allows for exclusive use of a container, ensuring that the entire space is utilized efficiently.
  2. Less than Container Load (LCL): LCL services are ideal for businesses that do not have enough goods to fill an entire container. In this case, the goods are consolidated with other shipments from different customers into a single container. LCL provides a cost-effective solution by sharing the container space and splitting the shipping costs among multiple parties.
  3. Temperature-Controlled Shipping: This solution is essential for goods that require specific temperature conditions during transportation, such as perishable items or pharmaceutical products. Temperature controlled containers or refrigerated containers (reefers) are used to maintain the required temperature range throughout the journey.
  4. Oversized or Heavy Cargo: Customized sea freight solutions can handle oversized or heavy cargo that cannot fit into standard shipping containers. Specialized equipment and handling procedures, such as flat racks, open-top containers, or roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) vessels, are utilized to accommodate and secure such cargo effectively.
  5. Door-to-Door Services: These solutions provide end-to-end transportation, starting from the shipper’s location to the final destination. It includes pickup, packaging, documentation, customs clearance, ocean freight, and delivery, offering a hassle-free shipping experience for businesses and individuals.
  6. Customs Brokerage: Our sea freight customized solutions include customs brokerage services. Customs brokers facilitate the customs clearance process, ensuring compliance with import/export regulations, handling paperwork, paying duties and taxes, and coordinating with relevant authorities on behalf of the shipper.
  7. Supply Chain Management: Universe offer comprehensive supply chain management services, integrating sea freight solutions with other modes of transportation (such as air or land), warehousing, inventory management, and distribution. This holistic approach streamlines the entire logistics process and optimizes supply chain efficiency.

When seeking sea freight customized solutions, it is important to partner with reputable freight forwarders or shipping companies experienced in handling diverse cargo types, destinations, and logistics complexities. We can tailor the shipping services to your specific requirements, offering cost-effective, secure, and reliable solutions for your sea freight needs.


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